About Us

About the Brand

The etymology of the brand comes from the the animal, Ox which is usually a sign of strength and virility.  That is exactly what this brand represents. A strong and lasting range of atheleisure wear for men, made from the best fabrics sourcing of Tiruppur, a town in India known for garments and apparels manufacturing.

The primary goal of the brand is to provide a range of atheleisure wear for men, to help them power through their workouts and also provide a cool and comfortable muscle enhancing look for the wearer during casual outings.

The tagline “NEVER HOLD BACK” refers to those men who just don’t quit, who don’t hold back on their pain and emotions and give it everything they’ve got at the gym.  Men who hustle and grind their ass off all day and still find time to better themselves.  Are you one of them?

About The Proprietor

I used to work at a private company in Hyderabad, working for 72 unceremonious hours a week. I never had time for myself. I didn’t have any friends to visit nor time to go on outings with them. The GYM was my only escape route. A place where I can clang and bang and rid myself off the stress and toils of the day.

I used to wear the cheapest and worst of my clothes to the gym. They always were rough and got wet before the end of the workout as I sweat a lot. That’s when I wanted to own a piece of clothing that fits the torso perfectly, feels soft and light on the skin and at the same time absorbs and dries the sweat off the body quickly.

This is where the idea of an apparel line came to my mind. Making of workout wear for men which is good looking, long lasting and cost efficient.  At the same time, giving the wearer a invincible feel and look. And this is that dream that is spun into reality. OxFIT.